the hotel: Restaurant Resort in Campania at Benevento in the Naturalistic Park of Taburno Camposauro
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The Costa Rama hotel, Three Stars Superior category, gives to its guests comfortable atmospheres in order to pass long periods of stay in suit relax. The building, with a simple and linear but at the same time warm distribution is structured in order to supply to own hosts comfort of space and attentions only details and.
The guests are received in the reception with grace and courtesy. Inside of the building are present the coffee-bar, the wide hall, a relax room with television set and comfortable seats.
Through the panoramic terrace you can approach the swimming pool; moreover it is possible to relax taking a walk in the small rear forest enjoying the charming surrounding scene.

Costa Rama : hotel restaurant resort
Via Costa Rama, 82030 Cautano (Benevento, Italy)   telfax +39.0824.873386